Wednesday, March 4, 2009

California Adventure

You can't go to California Adventure and not get pictures on the letters.  Unfortunately for Gracie, there is no "G" in California so she chose "R" because thats the next letter in her name.  

The kids thought climbing on the letters was pretty fun but not quite as fun as going on the rides inside.  I was glad because I was kind of worried that they would say that was one of their favorite parts.  They did mention it, but Crews favorite was the water raft ride and Gracie just couldn't decide between the High School Muscial show, the new Toy Story ride and the Bugs Life rides.  Aaron's favorite was the new Toy Story ride, mine the California Screamin' roller coaster, and Layla liked the Toy Story ride too, at least that's what she said, but I think she really enjoyed driving the bumper cars in Bugs Life land.  

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