Saturday, May 23, 2009

2 week check up

On Tuesday we had to go back to Dr Yu and see how Crew was healing and make sure that the pin sites weren't infected. Crew's cast was cut off and we got more x-rays. His bones are healing well and surprisingly fast. Finally some good news. The pin sites are doing fine too.

Crew was intrigued by seeing the pins sticking out of his arm and he couldn't stop looking at them. I had to snap a few pictures on my phone; how often do you get to see pins sticking out of your child's arm? I am hoping this is the only time.

Father and Sons/Girl's night out

This year during father and sons our ward hosted an activity for the girls. I had so much fun with Gracie and Layla. We made our own lipgloss which was a huge hit with Layla who has a major lipgloss obsession. We also decorated flip flops. I did have to help tie on the ribbons but the girls did the rest and had a blast gluing on pom-poms and jewels. We even got to roast our own hot dogs. I think Gracie's favorite part was swimming in her clothes with her friend Paige. I didn't realize that there was a pool there and so came unprepared. But not having swimsuits didn't hold my girls back. I do wish that I had brought my camera to get some pictures of all the fun. But Gracie wanted to make sure that everyone got to see her amazing flip flops. She is so proud that she decorated them herself.
No surprise that at father and sons Crew caught a creature. That boy finds pets everywhere he goes. Aaron emailed this picture to me from his phone. This little pet toad didn't get a name though because he was only a pet for one night. I guess Crew has some pet protocols.


Poor Layla has the worst bedhead that I have ever seen. These pictures just don't capture what a mess her hair is every morning. I hope that it is a bad hair phase that she will outgrow.

We are so LUCKY ......

to have such a fabulous family. To help Cruzzer feel better about the whole broken arm situation, Aunt Katie and Aunt Karly made him this awesome poster with treats included. Although the candy has already been enjoyed he still has the poster hanging up in his room. Katie also made him a crayon roll that he has really enjoyed using with the cool Star Wars activity book Grannybird gave him. Gigi has given him some awesome Lego sets that he has been sitting still to do and Grammy also sent him a package with some fun things to keep him busy. Aunt Kerry sent him some fun Ed Emberly books too. Thanks to all of you for the love and support. I appreciate the help. It hasn't been easy to keep him occupied so his arm can heal.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's Hard to Pin Down Crew

We went in to get Crew's cast on Tuesday but his bones had shifted and rotated. Dr. Yu, the orthopedic surgeon, was very surprised with this outcome. I guess I didn't keep Crew mellow enough, also apparently with the severity of Crew's break and the amount of swelling he had, it is common to have shifting. That is part of the reason we had to wait so long to get a cast. The rotation however is just a fluke. So once again we left the office with NO CAST! Instead we had an appointment for surgery. Dr. Yu made an incision on the inside of his wrist and moved the bones and put in some pins to hold the big bone in place (you would think by now I could remember which bone was the Radius and which was the Ulna, but I can't) . The little bone seemed to be stable enough that they didn't have to pin it at all. After the surgery he finally got a cast. They just put a cast right over the pins. He has been in some pain but doing pretty good. We have a follow up appointment May 19th where Dr. Yu will cut off this cast and look at the pins and then re-cast. I am hoping that the pins will come out then but that will only happen if Crew is a very fast healer so I guess we will see. I had no idea that a broken arm could be such a hassle

Good Bye Splint, Hello Cast!

Crew's arm was too swollen to put a cast on so he had to have a splint instead. He ended up having the splint on for 2 1/2 weeks but now it is finally time to go in a get a real cast. I am excited for him to get a cast with more protection. It has been really stressful trying to limit his activity. Crew wants a green cast if not green then blue, if they are out of blue then red and if there isn't any red then yellow. He has everything all planned out.