Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Tooth Fairy

We had our first visit from the tooth fairy. Crew lost his first tooth on the 8th. His second loose tooth is on its way out too. Are kids loosing their teeth earlier these days? I didn't lose my first tooth until I was in 2nd grade.

Halloween Land

When we were up in Vegas we visited Halloween Land Pumpkin Patch. They had lots of fun rides. The kids had a blast and keep asking to go back. Pumpkin patches sure have come a long way.

Gracie got a haircut

Gracie's hair has been in need of a cut for awhile. Thanks to Jamie our fabulous hair stylist, her hair looks so cute. It is so easy to comb through now and you wouldn't believe how many comments I have gotten on her new cut. Too bad she is so fiesty and I could't get a better after picture.