Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hiking in Canada

Part of  Waterton Lake is in Canada and part is in the U.S.  Here is the border.  The kids always like to be the first to see the line when we are out boating on the lake. 

There's a nice easy little hike along the border that we took the kids on.  This year, since Emma and Rex didn't come up, we had to find another little boy, Josh,  for Crew to play with.
This year the border guards insisted on passports to cross into the States at Goats Haunt so instead of going on the hike to the swinging bridge and rainbow falls, we hung out at this outdoor lodge.  Here's a silly face picture.  We really do have a bunch of crazy kids.

Happy Birthday America!

We heard about this free 4th of July party from our good friend Omar and so we decided to go.  There were so many people there.  It was crazy!  I always enjoy fireworks so I had a good time. 
Layla waved this little flag they were handing out the whole time the fireworks were going.  She was so excited.
You may be wondering why Gracie wasn't with us.  She went ahead to Canada with Papa, Gigi, and Karly.  
Here's a picture from Gracie's camera at the entrance to Waterton, where we stay every summer.  Don't worry she didn't miss out on fireworks.  There is this little town in Canada that has the most amazing fireworks show that I have ever seen called "Thunder in the Valley".  You are right underneath them, it's so loud and they are raining down on you.  Truly awesome!  Definitely worth going to if you happen to be in southern Alberta mid July.  

Dance Recital

The twentieth of June Gracie had her first dance recital.  Alice in Wonderland was the theme and her class danced to the "Golden Afternoon".  She had a lot of fun dancing with her cousin Lily.  Gracie was so excited to perform.  It was fun to see her dance.  I was so proud of her, she did such a good job!  We were not allowed to photograph or video tape the recital but here are our lovely dancers after the show.  Gracie was ecstatic about her flowers and now she wants flowers for everything she does.