Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rockin the Mohawk

Crew decided that if he was going to have a mohawk it might as well be red. We had some red gell stuff that Aaron and Crew used to spike their hair up when they went to the Phoenix Coyotes Hockey games and it worked great for his mohawk too. He has really enjoyed his new hairdo. It kinda is a fun summer hair cut!

He even asked if I could take a picture of his hair to put on the blog. Kids now live in a totally different world.

Summer Mohawk??

It was time to do the traditional summer buzz but this year Crew refused. He was in desperate need of a hair cut and wouldn't even consent to that. Some how during church Aaron convinced Crew to let me cut his hair with one condition. He wanted a mohawk. Well I guess that is mostly a buzz and so Crew, the tough negotiator, won.... for awhile at least.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our Ballerina

Gracie has been taking a dance class and totally loving it. While we were waiting for her class professional picture session, she was warming up with some poses she thought the photographer might like. I had to get some snap shots of that. Her first dance recital is Saturday and she is so excited. She had me download the song so she can practice her dance at home. All the practice has paid off, during her class today she did very well. I am looking forward to her performance too.


So Crew finally got the 2nd pin out of his arm (last tuesday, I'm a little behind on the blogging). It looked so nasty. The skin was growing outside his arm up on the pin. It looked kinda like a tumor, maybe. When the pin came out, it bled a lot. The nurse ended up having to put on some silver nitrate, or something like that, to cauterize it. Then they wrapped it up and put on a new cast. Crew has quite a cast collection now: white, green, blue, and now red. Hopefully this will be the last cast; all that's left is black and then he will only have pink and purple to choose from. This cast is a short one so he can use his elbow again. The other casts have been almost to his shoulder. His elbow has been a little stiff and sore but he is so excited to use it again. I did catch him sticking a spoon, a ruler, and pencil (not all at the same time) down his cast to scratch his arm though. It must feel nice to be able to after weeks of no scratching.

Crew's First Grade Awards Assembly

Crew had to miss a lot of school toward the end of the year due to doctor appointments for his broken arm and he was really worried that he was going to fail 1st grade. It didn't help that we got a letter from the school discussing his absences. He was so relieved when he got his Certificate of Promotion. He also got an award for the Accelerated Reader program and "A" Honor Roll. I recorded the ceremony but I barely know how to use our camera so I can't put the little poem they recited or song they sung on the blog. You will just have to imagine how adorable it was. Way to go Cruzzer, you're in 2nd grade now!

Gracie's Preschool Graduation

I am so proud of how hard Gracie has worked to graduate; all the projects, test, and papers she has diligently done. Really, her graduation ceremony was cute but I find it kinda humorous that there are ceremonies and certificates for preschool. She does love to perform and had a great time singing all the songs and helping the kids around her to execute all the moves right. She is so ready for kindergarten and can't wait to go to school everyday. I am so glad that our school still has half day kindergarten.
Mrs Pike, Gracie, and Miss Sarah. They are such amazing teachers. They were so fabulous and did so many wonderful things with the kids throughout the year.
Our new graduate with the certificate to prove it. Layla could barely wait to get on the stage! We had to get a picture with the proud siblings too.