Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fun in the Sun Mexican Style

Who can resist a day at the beach?

and after a day at the beach who doesn't want to curl up and go to sleep in the closet

8 week body challenge

For anybody who is in a rut like me maybe this can help. My friend Meghan, who used to be a personal trainer and graduated in exercise science, is doing an exercise and eating plan and hosting a blog to provide support. So if you want to join up check it out at Good luck everyone!

Gracie's Sand Angel

I guess this is what happens when you live without snow!

Our Marine Biologist

Crew has found his career. Every time we go to Mexico he is collecting and holding any sea life he can. Here he is holding his pet crab. I was a little worried about him picking up a crab but he told me not to worry he was a nice crab. I don't know how he could tell.

Friday, August 29, 2008

moronica a.k.a. harmonica

Gracie and Layla have been really into playing music lately (or making noise, depends on my perspective and mood). Well, they both have discovered they love to play the moronica. I have given up on trying to convince them that it is really called a harmonica.

Young's Jersey Dairy

Young's Jersey Dairy is a farm with the best ice cream in the world. They have cows right there that make fresh cream that makes fabulous ice cream. Every time I go home I have to get some, even in the winter. I am really craving some of their fresh strawberry ice cream right now; just thinking about their ice cream makes me want to go home more than I already did. Being a farm, there are also other farm animals. They have goats that you can feed. I thought Layla, my little animal lover, would get a real kick out of feeding the goats. I was wrong! The second the goats tongue touched her hand she was done. She didn't want anything more to do with those goats. She wouldn't even stand on the sidewalk next to the goats; she had to stand in the gravel on the other side of the sidewalk. We thought maybe she would enjoy going into the barn to see the horses, lambs, turkeys, chickens, ducks, and pigs. She did pet the lamb and pigs but inexplicably her favorite animals were the chickens. Now she is asking for a chicken.

Fun on the Tractors

Layla loved the tractors. I was afraid we were going to have to drive one home if we were ever going to be able to leave.

and more pictures

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

summer fun!

While Layla and I were out in Ohio, the cousins had a great time playing outside in the pool with slide and sprinkler combo. It was pretty hot and humid. I actually missed the 100+ degree weather in Vegas; it feels cooler. There is nothing more fun than playing in the water on a hot day.

Canada '08

Well we did go to Canada this year but I am now just getting around to blogging about it. This year was a little different. Crew and Gracie went up a week earlier with Papa, Gigi, and the Hogles (minus Nate). Then Aaron and I flew up with Layla, Jake, Jamie, and Lily to Great Falls on Allegiant Air. We had a great time doing all the usual Canada things and few new things. We barbecued on the banks of the lake a couple nights, got to participate in the rock hunt at Aunt Carol's farm, and had a treasure hunt all around the townsite. I am surprised that with all the fun we had, I only have one picture. One morning Papa read a story to the girls and I took this picture. Next year I will have to do better.

Lake Powell Revisited

Gracie was looking at our blog and was very disappointed that there was not a picture of her on the jet ski. She had a blast riding on the jet ski with anyone who would take her. She really wanted to drive herself but we managed to convince her that was not a good idea.