Monday, March 16, 2009

The Bike-n-Bang!

What could be more fun than heading out to the desert with bikes, guns, food, and family?
Notice Layla's huge smile. She was in love with the bikes. Little Layla couldn't get enough of them. There are more pictures of her to come.
Look at Gigi go! How many grandmas do you know that just hop on a bike and ride off into the desert? We are so lucky to have such a fun grandma to show us how its done and how to live life.
Crew let Gracie take his 50 for a ride. I wasn't sure how she'd handle the bike but she did great. I was totally impressed.
C-man couldn't wait to get on his bike and head out.

Layla was in heaven on the bikes! It was hard to get her off. She kept wanting Aaron to take her for a ride. Her cousin, Lily, didn't want to be left out of the fun. No we didn't let Layla take them for a spin (even though she really wanted to). These two were just sitting on it and pretending.
Gigi and the girls enjoyed playing in the dirt and building all kinds of desert masterpieces.
I don't know why Gracie climbed on top of the trailer but I am not surprised. I guess I should be asking why wouldn't she climb on top of the trailer.
Aaron had to try out his new gun he got for his birthday. The "judge's" performance was satisfactory. This is what happens when you shoot a milk jug full of water with a 410 shotgun. Pure entertainment and enjoyment!
I have found the gun that I am in love with; the Walther p 22. My father-in-law got this gun for my mother-in-law for Valentines Day. He told me when Aaron really loves me as much as he loves Angie then maybe Aaron will buy me a gun like that for Valentines Day too. Hopefully Aaron decides to love me that much next V-day or maybe by my birthday.

Crew had to have his turn too. He is already trying to decide what gun he wants. Sorry buddy you're gonna have to wait a few more years. Maybe he will be pacified with an airsoft gun in the meantime.

The kids had fun collecting the shotgun shells. Gracie said it looked kinda like confetti. So here is a picture of some of the confetti at our party! I asked the kids what we could do to make it more fun next time (I am always looking for ways to improve). Crew wants to be able to shoot more. He said the other boys (Papa, Aaron, and Jake) got to shoot more than him and thats not fair. Gracie said we need to stay the night and have a campfire and make smores. So looks like we will be having a bike-n-bang camp-out. I am sure that it will be just as fun.


Kerry said...

How fun
We should plan a camp-out next time we come. The cousins would have a blast.

katie speed said...

Awww, playing with shotgun shells is so fun... except that pesky burnt smell.

Jarmeg Family said...

Wow sounds like fun.. actually it sounds exactly like a saturday here in mexico! We have a little honda 50 with training wheels too and my husband is obsessed with dirt bikes and guns! You look like a hot mama out there shooting that gun!

Katy said...

Zobrists always know how to have fun! Look at you with your out Terra is armed :) Brind Gracie over so her and Clara can play. When I told her you moved she got mad and said but now who am I going to play with?