Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our First Broken Bones

The long anticipated event has finally occurred; Crew broke something. I always say if you are going to do something you should do it well and Crew followed that advice. He broke both bones in his arm about an inch above his wrist and they were offset about an inch. What finally did him in? He was playing tag at recess. While on the slide he decided it would be better to jump off than be tagged and so he did. He wasn't tagged but he broke his arm. I got the call from the school nurse while Gracie was in dance class. The nurse said, "I am not a Dr. so I can't say but your son broke his arm and you need to come pick him up." When I got to the school Crew was amazingly pale and in a lot of pain. I was not prepared to see his arm looking so freaky. I was sure it was broken too. His wrist was off center and hanging down really weird and massively swollen. It really grossed me out.
Here is what his arm looked like when he tried to lay it flat on the exam table. There is something definitely wrong!
Here is one of the x-rays. That bottom bone had to be yanked back in place to meet up with the wrist and you can't really see from this picture how off center the top bone is. I was sure glad that Aaron was there for the resetting process since I couldn't even look at his wrist without feeling sick. Aaron is the emergency room parent. I don't know when I became so queazy, but I sure don't handle medical issues very well. Friday he will get his cast and hopefully things will only get better after that! Gigi took him to Target today to get him something to do with only one hand. He of course got a Lego set and is doing amazingly well putting it together with one hand. We also had to pick up some elastic waistband shorts. He can't button his pants with one hand and it's not cool when you're 7 to have your mom help you when you go to the bathroom.

Anderson Dairy revisited

I don't know what our obsession with Anderson Dairy is? Although, it might have something to do with their ice cream. While Daddy was golfing with Richard (which was probably the highlight of his trip) the rest of us headed to the dairy. Gracie has been so excited to take Grammy to Anderson Dairy because when Grammy was a little girl she lived on a farm and because we like the ice cream they give you. The tour was fun for the kids but getting their picture taken was not.

Hoover Dam

For my sister's Spring Break she and my parents came out for a visit. We were so excited to see them since it's been over 7 months. One of the things we did while they were here was go on the Hoover Dam tour. We were planning on going on Monday but dad was a little jet lagged from Japan and we decided to go to Mesquite to visit some family instead. Our much anticipated tour was rescheduled till Wednesday. I have been to Vegas many times and have now lived here for over a year and have not been on the tour yet; I don't know why.

Here we are with the generators that create the hydro-electric power. It was amazing how many they had and how gigantic they were. Crew was so inspired that after we got home he built a replica out of Legos. It was pretty impressive until Layla, in one of her tantrums, destroyed it.

Crew was also pretty intrigued by the construction of the freeway overpass. Finally they are building a road across the canyon so traffic doesn't have to go over the dam. I can't tell you the number of hours we have waisted waiting in traffic crawling across the dam in only two lanes and stopping for pedestrians all the time.
By the end of the trip though, we were all ready to go home. Thanks Dad! It was really amazing!

Decorating Eggs

I don't know where the weird tradition of decorating eggs came from, but kids love it. Our kids enjoyed it even more so this year because they got to decorate with their cousins.
Here are Crew and Rex with their eggs. Crew named the egg in his left hand George Washington.
All the kids got a little crazy and forgot that they were supposed to be decorating the eggs!
Here are Gracie's eggs, a lot of sparkles (which you can't really see in this picture), pink and purple .... basically what I would expect from Gracie

The Springs Preserve

One of my kid's favorite places to go in Vegas is the Springs Preserve. It has walking trails and desert animals plus hands-on museum exhibits. We were there over spring break and so many cacti were blooming. The kids thought it was so beautiful.

Egg Hunt

What could be more fun than searching for eggs full of candy with friends. We have a really fun playgroup and we all got together for an Easter Egg Hunt.

May the Force Be With You

Crew is the proud owner of the only bearded dragon that is also a Jedi. I came in his room and this is what I found; Skooter with a light saber.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

April 2nd was our 10th anniversary. In one way I cant believe that it's already been 10 but sometimes it seems like we have been together forever. Well we made it through the first 10; lets see what the next 10 bring.

My Lego Maniac

Crew is turning 7 on April 16th. I can't believe he is that old already. My mom is definately right; the days are long but the years are short. Since he is obsessed with and addicted to Legos, that is the theme he chose for his birthday party. I am not surprised. It has been fun to plan his party together. I hope all goes well and he enjoys it as much as his Webkinz party last year that he is still talking about.

Brittany's Bridal Shower

Brittany Benson is getting hitched and we were really excited to celebrate with her at the bridal shower. Gracie loves going to bridal and baby showers, she thinks they are so fun. While Brittany was opening her presents Gracie kept saying "Oooh!' and getting so excited. She even liked the lingerie, even though she doesn't know what it is for, she can appreciate how cute it is. When the shower hat was done, Gracie could hardly wait to get it on her head. She is already asking who is getting married next. Thankfully we have Cami's to look forward to.