Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mother of the Year .... or not

My wonderful husband got plane tickets for us to go home to Ohio for Thanksgiving and I was so excited!!!! Since my kids always get sick whenever I go home, I decided to take them to the pediatrician and get them some allergy medicine before. While we were there getting prescriptions for all three kiddies, Gracie's oxygen test was so bad they re-did it 3 times and tried different machines. The doctor gave her a breathing treatment immediately and then re-tested it was still extremely low. So we were sent to the emergency room. Three steroid shots and 2 breathing treatments later her oxygen level had gone up from 77 to 80 (below 92 is bad) but that was still really low and so Gracie had to stay in the hospital. I didn't even know that she was having difficulty breathing. She never complained or acted any differently than normal. If I didn't take her in for Zyrtec, who knows how bad she would have gotten before I noticed something was wrong. So once again I am out of the running for Mother of the Year..... maybe next year?

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