Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Halloween in Mexico

In Nevada school is out for Halloween, o.k. not really, it's for Nevada Day (the day Nevada became a state). So we decided to head to the beach house for the long weekend. I was a little concerned about the kids missing out on trick-or-treating so Gigi came up with a great plan. I bought a bunch of candy and we were going to go through the neighborhood and give it to the residents and tell them that our kids were going to come by trick-or-treating. Turns out that they already do trick-or-treating. Outside the gated community, they set up tables and everyone comes by dressed up with treat bags open begging for candy. What did we do with all the extra candy? The Halloween Goblin came and left it hidden around the courtyard. The kids had a blast looking for the candy.

The kids designed their own pumpkins (Thanks dad for doing all the carving), we made some spider treats, and ate so much candy I was worried someone was going to go into insulin shock or maybe even a coma. As you can see the girls were pretty intrigued by their Jack-o-Lanterns. I think it was my favorite Halloween ever!

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