Tuesday, September 16, 2008

soccer mom

Well it is official, I have reached true mom status. I have 3 kids, am almost 30, have a mini van, and now I have kids in soccer. Gracie is really excited about soccer but not for the reasons that one might think. She is on an all girl team (she didn't want to play with any boys) and she and the girls like to chat and play a little soccer on the side. I did manage to get some pictures of them playing soccer.

Gracie was really excited when she scored a goal in practice and immediately ran over to her coach to give him a high five.

We are hoping that soccer gives Crew an outlet for his competitive nature. He loves it. He even got to play goalie the second half in his first game this past Saturday, which he was really excited about. Since then all we have heard is "remember in my game when .... "
I am liking soccer because it wears them out a bit. These kids have too much energy. Even though it is time consuming to go to 3 practices a week and 2 games on saturday, I am actually quite pleased with our soccer experience so far. I couldn't ask for better coaches either. I really love both of their coaches and attribute much of our satisfaction to having such great men coaching my kids.


karly angela zobrist said...

so cute. I'm in love and I miss miss miss these crazy kids

Rickie said...

I love watching them play soccer. It makes being a mom even better!!

Matt and Melody said...

I'm so glad we are both blogging now so we can keep in touch better! :)It's great to see pictures of you and the kids. They're so big now! Every time I drive by your old house I miss you guys!

melissa z said...

Terra! I am feeling the same about being a mom too. I have 3 kids, am almost 30 and we just got a mini-van! It is sometimes weird to think you are a full-blown mom! Your family is super cute!