Saturday, May 23, 2009

Father and Sons/Girl's night out

This year during father and sons our ward hosted an activity for the girls. I had so much fun with Gracie and Layla. We made our own lipgloss which was a huge hit with Layla who has a major lipgloss obsession. We also decorated flip flops. I did have to help tie on the ribbons but the girls did the rest and had a blast gluing on pom-poms and jewels. We even got to roast our own hot dogs. I think Gracie's favorite part was swimming in her clothes with her friend Paige. I didn't realize that there was a pool there and so came unprepared. But not having swimsuits didn't hold my girls back. I do wish that I had brought my camera to get some pictures of all the fun. But Gracie wanted to make sure that everyone got to see her amazing flip flops. She is so proud that she decorated them herself.
No surprise that at father and sons Crew caught a creature. That boy finds pets everywhere he goes. Aaron emailed this picture to me from his phone. This little pet toad didn't get a name though because he was only a pet for one night. I guess Crew has some pet protocols.

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